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8 Best Areas to Live in Sheffield (2023)

Key Takeaways:

  • Dore ranks as the best area to live in Sheffield (but also the most expensive!)
  • Walkley is one of the best family areas to live in Sheffield.
  • The best student areas to live in Sheffield include Crookes and Ranmoor.

Are you thinking about moving to Sheffield?

Being one of the greenest cities in the UK and a UK property hotspot, we don’t blame you!

But what is the best area to live in Sheffield?

In this post, we’re looking at the eight best locations to live in Sheffield in 2023.

Let’s jump straight into it:

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What Are The Best Areas To Live In Sheffield UK?


Average house price: £528,394 

Average rent: £1,058.53 PCM 

If money is of no object, the affluent and leafy village of Dore is among the best areas to live in Sheffield.

This large suburban village is an exclusive neighbourhood ideal for homebuyers seeking peaceful suburban life with a wealth of green spaces.

Many of the large houses are fitted with sprawling gardens and sit at the foot of the jaw-dropping Peak District National Park.

Dore is an excellent fit for families in 2022.

The sought-after Birkdale Primary School and Sheffield High are on your doorstep alongside a range of local amenities in the village centre.

Commuting parents will find much to a-Dore about the quiet village, with the village’s own train station providing quick access to Sheffield city centre.

While house prices in this south-west suburb are the highest on our list.

But you’ll definitely get what you pay for when moving to Dore.


Average house price: £244,260 

Average rent: £910.33 PCM 

Less than two miles northwest of Sheffield city centre lies Crookes, the next location on our list of the best areas in Sheffield to live.

The tree-lined streets of Crookes emanate an unrivalled buzz, thanks to its sea of independent shops, bars, local pubs and delectable eateries.

As the University of Sheffield campus is the midpoint between Crookes and Sheffield city centre, you’ll find a large student population in this welcoming neighbourhood.

But it’s not just students filling the streets of Crookes.

Many families have settled down in this conveniently located suburb due to its reasonable property prices, diverse high street and nearby green spaces, including Crookes Valley, Ponderosa, and Weston Park.

Crookes is a family-friendly area that offers something a little bit different, and that’s why we believe it to be one of the best areas to live in Sheffield.


Average house price: £491,968 

Average rent: £1,006.16 PCM 

Homebuyers looking for a blend of suburban and city life should consider Fulwood in 2022.

Ranking as one of the best areas to live in Sheffield for its stunning city views, friendly community and easy access to the Peak District, Fulwood is a dream spot for families and young professionals.

Being a little further out than Crookes, life in Fulwood is tranquil.

Still, excellent transport links into the city centre mean residents are never too far away from the city’s noise.

But who said suburban living has to be quiet?

Fulwood has much to offer regarding nightlife, from live music venues to local pubs and clubs.

But if you’d rather spend your time socialising in the great outdoors, locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to green space.

From peaceful hilly walks to a day at the nearby Hallamshire Golf Club, you’ll have plenty to explore in Fulwood.

With stunning 19th-century properties lining the streets, Fullwood carries a rich history that makes it stand out as one of the best property areas in Sheffield to live.

St Paul’s 

Average house price: £139,951 

Average rent: £847.48 PCM 

Next on our list of the best areas to live in Sheffield in 2022 is the trendy area of St Paul’s.

Located in the heart of the vibrant city, St Paul’s is a recently redeveloped hub for young professionals, beaming with life, leisure and commerce.

Homebuyers looking for a range of needs and interests will find much to love in St Paul’s, including its range of independent and high street stores, modern offices, stunning architecture and the city’s largest market, The Moor Market.

Being in central Sheffield, St Paul’s is unrivalled in its transport links.

The bustling Sheffield railway station is within walking distance and offers journeys to Leeds station or Manchester Piccadilly station in under an hour.

St Paul’s housing options are varied, from converted public buildings to luxury apartments providing residents with stunning views of the city centre and River Don.

Although St Paul’s redevelopment started in the mid-2000s, regeneration in this central location continues today, promising residents further capital growth and opportunity for years to come.


Average house price: £209,000 

Average rent: £862.40 PCM 

Widely regarded as one of the safest areas in Sheffield, Walkley is a trendy location for young families moving to Sheffield.

Walkley is slightly north of Crookes and stands out for its remarkable selection of good schools.

Whether you’re seeking primary or secondary schools, the vibrant suburb has five primary schools and the ‘outstanding’ Ofsted-rated Notre Dam High School for families to pick from.

Despite being so close to Crookes and the University of Sheffield, Walkley has a notable smaller student community which makes for quieter day-to-day life.

The area also has a range of amenities and diverse housing options, making this emerging area a great location to settle down in 2022.

From its great public transport links, a diverse choice of good schools, and unique village feel, Walkley is undoubtedly one of the best family areas to live in Sheffield.


Average house price: £191,392 

Average rent: £829.44 PCM 

Next on our list is the popular, well-connected suburb of Hillsborough.

Home to Sheffield Wednesday, one of the oldest football clubs in the world, Hillsborough has a rich heritage with a stellar atmosphere that’s still prominent to this day.

Hillsborough’s high street is packed with local pubs and eateries, independent stores and boutiques, and many of your high street stables.

However, if you want to venture into the city centre, Hillsborough’s excellent tram and bus links can get you there in around 20 minutes.

Locals looking to unwind can enjoy the greenery of Hillsborough Park or even the nearby Hillsborough Leisure Centre, fit with a gym and swimming pool.

With house prices below the average for Sheffield’s property market (£205,961), Hillsborough is a fantastic option for first-time buyers in Sheffield.


Average house price: £395,048 

Average rent: £951.20 PCM 

Seventh on our list is Ecclesall, a popular suburb easily ranking as one of the best areas to live in Sheffield.

This outer-city suburb is ideal for families and commuters due to the excellent transport links heading into the city centre.

It also has some of the best schools in the city on your doorstep.

Additionally, being close to both the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University, Ecclesall is a popular suburb for students as well as families.

Everything you could want is within walking distance in Ecclesall, especially with the diverse Ecclesall Road sitting in the centre of the suburb.

The four-mile stretch separates areas like Nether Edge and Broomhall with an array of eateries, bars, independent boutiques, and vintage and craft shops.

That’s not to forget the picturesque Endcliffe Park and Sheffield Botanical Gardens just a stone’s throw away, further proving why Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in the UK.

Although it ranks number seven on our list, there’s a very good argument to call Ecclesall the best area to live in Sheffield.


Average house price: £418,735 

Average rent: £945.63 PCM 

After being rated as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2020 by The Sunday Times, Ranmoor just had to make our list.

Well known for its lavish properties made for the city’s steel bosses in the late 19th century, Ranmoor’s affluent tree-lined streets are a major pull for homebuyers.

While property prices may be high, the average rent is relatively small (at least when compared to other locations with similar property prices).

This makes Ranmoor one of the best areas to rent in Sheffield.

In recent years, this leafy suburb has become somewhat of a student village thanks to the local halls of residence for the University of Sheffield, Ranmoor House.

The influx of students has brought along a wave of redevelopment and a bustling community spirit unlike anywhere else in the city.

Whether it’s the large properties and local shops or close distance to the Peak District that pulls you in, there’s no denying that Ranmoor is one of the best areas in Sheffield to live.

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What Are The Best Postcode Areas to Live in Sheffield?

Now that you know the best areas to live in Sheffield let’s look at the best postcodes.

A study from PropCast shows that Sheffield has some of Yorkshire’s biggest property hotspots.

In fact, the top three were all Sheffield postcodes.

But where are they?


Average property price: £353,793 

  • Found directly west of the city centre.
  • Areas included are Ranmoor, Fulwood and Crookes.
  • Close distance to Peak District National Park.


Average property price: £363,871 

  • Southwest of Sheffield city centre.
  • Areas include Nether Edge and Abbeydale.
  • Abbeydale Road offers a wide range of local amenities.


Average property price: £230,925 

  • South of central Sheffield.
  • Areas included are Norton, Woodseats and Beauchief.
  • A wealth of green space, including Graves Park.

To learn more about these areas, download our FREE guide on the best areas to live in Sheffield today.

The guide covers the most up-and-coming areas in Sheffield, the best and worst areas to live in Sheffield, the quality of schools, property prices, and much more.

Honourable Mentions 

While it may not be the largest city in Yorkshire, there are a lot of great locations to choose from in Sheffield.

So much so that we struggled to include them all on one list.

That’s why we wanted to include some honourable mentions down below:

  • Broomhill
  • Chapeltown
  • Nether Edge
  • Woodseats
  • Norton Lees

Want to learn more about Sheffield property? View our complete guide.