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Benefits of off plan propery

The Benefits of Buying Off-Plan Property

When buying property as an investment, it’s important to look for two key attributes – high returns and capital growth; something which can easily be achieved when purchasing off-plan. Off-plan developments are currently experiencing some of their highest sales levels, and their popularity is heightened by the ability to negotiate excellent discounts either before the property is built or while it’s under construction.

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Several Of The Main Benefits Of Buying Off-Plan Property:


Purchase prices are significantly lower than average:

One main advantage of buying property off-plan is the ability to secure the purchase at below market value. Developers often offer discounts to sell as many units as possible before completion or to demonstrate a certain level of sales prior to marketing the development. Some developers also provide additional discounts for investors purchasing multiple properties at the same time. By negotiating directly with developers, property investment companies like Sequre can obtain the best discounts for their clients on off-plan property.

Strong capital growth can be attained:

Those who purchase property off-plan benefit from potential house price growth. If a property is purchased before completion, the value can increase each year until it is built. This can add tremendous value to a property, especially if it has already been purchased at a discounted price from the outset.


Ability to re-sell at a profit before completion

Investors can choose to sell their off-plan property before completion and potentially make a profit. However, it’s important to consider the benefits of tenanting the property and gaining a regular rental income, in addition to capital growth.

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Additional benefits of off-plan purchasing include:

  • Save money on your investment: Off-plan properties are often priced below market value, allowing investors to start their portfolio with a well-built new build at a discounted price.
  • More freedom: Investors have the freedom to choose the best units, customize specifications, and select properties with desirable attributes, increasing demand and attracting ideal tenants.
  • Energy-efficient properties: Off-plan properties are new and built with eco-friendly materials, offering energy-efficient homes. This appeals to environmentally conscious tenants and contributes to high rental demand.
  • Excellent value and choice of fixtures and fittings: Investors can vary plans, choose fixtures and fittings, and have them professionally installed without additional effort. Off-plan properties provide better value, as developers maintain consistency throughout the development.

Should You Invest In Off Plan Property

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Potential Pitfalls To Purchasing Off Plan Property.

Risk: Investing in off-plan properties carries a risk if the developer fails to complete the project. Thoroughly researching the developer’s track record is crucial to mitigate this risk.

Delays requiring a new mortgage offer: Delays in construction can lead to mortgage offers expiring, requiring additional paperwork and potentially new lenders.

Issues with the build: Some properties may have hidden issues that are not apparent from the plans. Seeking professional advice and reviewing the plans thoroughly can help identify any potential issues.in.

The Conclusion

Buying off-plan property offers advantages such as reduced market prices, flexibility, potential capital growth, and staged payment plans. However, it’s important to assess the associated risks and pitfalls and conduct thorough research before making an investment decision.

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