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Discovering Manchester: A Thriving Metropolis With Exceptional Rental Yields

Manchester, a vibrant city in the heart of England, has emerged as a bustling metropolis attracting residents and investors alike. Its rich history, diverse culture, booming economy, and excellent connectivity make it an amazing place to live and invest in property. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the factors that contribute to Manchester’s appeal, explore specific hotspots with high rental yields, and highlight the reasons behind the demand for rental properties in the city.

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1. Booming Economy and Employment Opportunities

Manchester’s economy has experienced remarkable growth over the years, making it a hub for various industries. From finance to technology, media to healthcare, the city offers a plethora of job opportunities. Major companies have set up their offices here, attracting a talented workforce, students, and professionals looking to establish their careers. The influx of people creates a strong demand for rental properties in key areas.

2. Excellent Transport Links

The city’s well-connected transport infrastructure is another reason for its popularity. Manchester boasts an extensive public transportation network, including trams, buses, and trains, making commuting a breeze. The airport offers flights to various destinations, enhancing its appeal to both domestic and international investors. Areas with easy access to transportation hubs tend to attract higher rental demand, resulting in attractive yields for property investors.

3. Desirable Residential Hotspots

Several neighborhoods in Manchester stand out as hotspots for property investment. Let’s explore some of the best areas:

a. Didsbury: Known for its leafy streets, trendy cafes, and excellent schools, Didsbury appeals to families and young professionals alike. Its strong community vibe and proximity to the city center make it a prime location for investors seeking high rental yields.

b. Northern Quarter: A creative hub with a vibrant nightlife, the Northern Quarter is a favorite among young urban dwellers. Its trendy apartments and proximity to shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions drive high rental demand.

c. Salford Quays: With stunning waterfront views and a thriving business district, Salford Quays has become a sought-after area for both living and investing. The MediaCityUK development has attracted numerous professionals, driving rental yields upwards.

d. Ancoats: Formerly an industrial area, Ancoats has undergone extensive regeneration, transforming into a trendy neighbourhood with a thriving food and drink scene. Its close proximity to the city centre and affordability contribute to strong rental demand.

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4. Robust Rental Market

The demand for rental properties in Manchester is fueled by a growing population and an increasing number of students enrolling in its world-renowned universities. Young professionals and students often prefer the flexibility and convenience of renting, leading to consistent rental income for investors. As a result, rental yields in Manchester have outperformed many other regions in the UK.


Manchester’s allure as a city with a flourishing economy, excellent transport links, and vibrant neighborhoods make it an exceptional place to live and invest in property. The strong demand for rental properties in key areas, coupled with its booming job market, contributes to the city’s impressive rental yields. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a first-time buyer, Manchester offers an array of opportunities to secure stable returns and experience the dynamic lifestyle it has to offer.

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Manchester Rental Yields 2023

Postcode district Avg asking price Avg rental yield
M1 £274,671 5.30%
M2 £315,205
M3 £238,839 6.10%
M4 £261,717 5.70%
M5 £202,282 7.10%
M6 £212,333 6.50%
M7 £237,765 6.30%
M8 £232,413 5.40%
M9 £185,353 6.50%
M11 £187,547 6.50%
M12 £191,281
M13 £271,209 5.90%
M14 £231,051 7.20%
M15 £240,142 6.10%
M16 £250,041 4.70%
M18 £172,702
M19 £283,594 4.70%
M20 £364,637 4.40%
M21 £414,187 3.30%
M22 £248,283 5.30%
M23 £272,960 5.30%
M24 £222,717 4.90%
M25 £302,714 4.30%
M26 £211,727 5.20%
M27 £238,160 5.30%
M28 £310,765 4.50%
M29 £272,127
M30 £240,926 4.60%
M31 £224,227
M32 £298,715 4.20%
M33 £385,764 3.50%
M34 £235,509 4.70%
M35 £222,864 5.80%
M38 £178,284
M40 £194,119 7.30%
M41 £349,504 3.90%
M43 £216,236 5.80%
M44 £237,421
M45 £276,887
M46 £184,362
M50 £216,283 6.30%

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