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Best Areas To
Live In Manchester

Best Areas To Live In Manchester

1.1 Ancoats and New Islington

1.2 Chorlton

1.3 Didsbury

1.4 Altrincham

1.5 Manchester City Centre

1.6 Sale

1.7 Salford

1.8 Rusholme

1.9 Prestwich

1.10 Stretford

1.11 Irlam

1.12 Cadishead

1.13 Kersal

1.14 Whitefield

1.15 Wilmslow

1.16 Levenshulme

1.17 Burnage

1.18 Ordsall

1.19 Hulme

1.20 Atherton

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Complete Manchester Postcode Breakdown

1. Ancoats and New Islington

Average property price: £252,507

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 

While it might look like we’re cheating by combining two locations, Ancoats and New Islington go so hand-in-hand that it’d be wrong to split them up.

New Islington used to be part of Ancoats but gained its own identity after a plethora of regeneration work was brought into the area, establishing it as an essential Manchester location.

Regardless of their history, these two locations have become the hotspot for young professionals and creatives. Ancoats was voted as the 13th coolest neighbourhood in the world (yes, the world) in a poll by Time Out.

Located just behind the Northern Quarter and city centre, Ancoats and New Islington feel like they’re in a unique world of their own, with streets filled with quirky stores, the city’s hottest bars, and even Michelin star eateries and Japanese teahouses!

With streets filled with awe-inspiring street art and small brass eyepieces set into walls named the Peeps, Ancoats and New Islington are like nowhere else in the city.

Residents have an easy commute into Manchester City Centre. Manchester Piccadilly Station is only a 10-minute walk away, New Islington tram stop at their doorstep, and frequent bus routes run through the area till late.

While most of the accommodation in this coveted location is flats and apartments, it is undeniable that Ancoats and New Islington is one the best places to live in Manchester.

2. Chorlton

Average property price: £369,788

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 9%

Next up on our list is Chorlton-cum-Hardy, or Chorlton as it’s known locally.

Home to the Bees Gees and members of The Stone Roses, Chorlton has a rich and diverse musical heritage that it wears on its sleeve.

This small, quiet suburb is popular with families thanks to its excellent connections and great schools within the catchment area.

But that’s not to say young couples aren’t attracted to the suburb. Chorlton is packed with organic shops, independent shops, great bars, and green spaces, such as Chorlton Park and Chorlton Water Park.

Manchester City Centre is only a 15-minute ride away on the tram, with services frequently running every day of the week.

Properties in this desirable area have increased by 9% in the past year alone, and they don’t show signs of stopping. Although properties are above the city’s average, Chorlton is a fantastic location to settle down and is well worth the extra bit of cash

3. Didsbury

Average property price: £346,378

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 3%

Our third pick, Didsbury, is only four miles out of the city centre. This trendy and upmarket area has become the playground for many of Manchester’s rich and famous.

Didsbury has an array of coffee shops, pubs and plant shops surrounded by wonderful green spaces, like Didsbury Park and Fletcher Moss Park, making for a strong village vibe.

There’s a little something for everyone, especially as Didsbury is split up into three sections offering their own unique benefits. East Didsbury has several excellent schools, West Didsbury is known for its restaurants, and Didsbury village is the main shopping area.

Provided you’ve got the cash, Didsbury can be a fantastic place for young professionals to live, mainly part down to its great transport links, with a variety of bus routes, trains and even a stop on the city-wide Metro link on offer.

If you’re looking to drive out of the city, the M56, M60 and A34 are nearby, offering links to Chester, Stockport, and Warrington. While house prices are a relatively steep £346,378, there’s no denying that if you can afford it, it’s one of the best places to live in Manchester

4. Altrincham

Average property price: £519,649

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 10%

Named amongst the best places to live in 2022 by the Sunday Times, this once failing and empty high street is now one of Manchester’s most glamorous and affluent areas.

Altrincham’s streets are filled with lavish Edwardian homes, independent businesses, and excellent green spaces, such as the peaceful John Leigh Park and Denzell Gardens, both just waiting to be explored.

Local favourites in the area include the traditional Altrincham Market and the Stamford Quarter shopping centre, as well as various music venues.

While the main stumbling block in this large market town is the steep property prices, Altrincham offers a living experience you will find nowhere else in Manchester.

5. Manchester City Centre

Average property price: £237,441

Increase in property value over last 12 months: -2%

This pick does feel like an obvious one, which is all the more reason for us to talk about it!

From the cobbled streets of Deansgate to the buzzing commercial space of Spinningfields, Manchester City Centre is a young professional’s dream. Most of Manchester’s businesses and leisure opportunities are condensed here, making the city centre a melting pot of culture, commerce, and fun.

It’s no wonder it has become such a hotspot for tenants of all ages! The incredible Spinningfields showcases Manchester’s most prominent commercial district, while the Northern Quarter, Green Quarter, Deansgate, and Castlefield offer vibrant nightlife with trendy bars and fantastic restaurants.

And with several Metrolink tram stops and four train stations within comfortable walking distance of each other, Manchester City Centre rivals any other major UK city with its excellent transport links.

Although most of the property in this area consists of flats, Manchester City Centre is an excellent location for those hungry for a bite of city living and want to get lost in the bustle of busy city life.

6. Sale

Average property price: £346,324

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 2%

A place like Sale doesn’t lose its charm.

After being named the fourth best place to live in England in 2017, this Trafford suburb still remains one of Manchester’s best areas to live.

Five miles south of the city centre, this large town has a close-knit community that feels very welcoming and cosy. The dreamy canal runs straight through the town, while the high street provides a collection of independent shops, bars, and restaurants.

Sale offers a lot of diversity regarding housing, offering a mix of Victorian homes, detached Edwardian houses, and modern terraced properties. It’s a location popular with families – and for a good reason too!

One thing Sale isn’t short on is excellent schools, with high demand for popular primary schools like Brooklands and St Joseph’s RC. Sale even has some of the county’s best secondary schools, like the Sale Grammar Secondary School.

The Metrolink runs through the town and is only three stops away from the central district, so professionals can easily commute to work within 20 minute

7. Salford Quays 

Average property price: £203,306

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 11%

While not technically in Manchester, this Greater Manchester city had to make it on the list.

The city of Salford is often overlooked when considering Manchester locations, but you’d be a fool to count it out completely.

In recent years Salford Quays has become a haven for young professionals itching to start a career in media with so many major corporations, like BBC North and ITV, setting up base at MediaCityUK.

But it’s not just a thriving business sector on offer; Salford Quays has all the shops, restaurants, and bars you’d expect from a central location.

With its affordable housing and a wide array of job opportunities, Salford has become a popular spot for first-time buyers. Considering the city’s constant investment, the plethora of opportunities, and affordable house prices, it’s hard to deny that Salford is undoubtedly one of the best places to buy a property in Manchester.

Date from the Land Registry 2022


Average property price: £177,568 

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 9%

Affordable and conveniently close to Manchester city centre, Rusholme is an obvious choice for the best areas to live in Manchester for families and young professionals.

Our number eight pick is an area with a strong Asian influence and a diverse culture that makes for a strong community feel. Foodies will find the area a paradise, with a long street of delicious curry houses running through the centre, each offering their take on traditional Asian cuisine.

But it’s not just “the Curry Mile” Rusholme is known for, with an impressive array of high-performing schools making it an appealing area for families.

The excellent transport links throughout the area make commuting and school run easy. It’s also remarkably cheap despite its closeness to the city centre, with prices almost £70k lower than the city average.

Rusholme is also a popular student hotspot, with many student HMOs and accommodation – something to bear in mind if you’re thinking of moving.

9. Prestwich

Average property price: £284,754

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 3%

There’s not an awful lot to say about Prestwich – but that’s half of the charm.

This quiet North Manchester town is ideal for those looking for a peaceful retreat away from the noisy city centre. Prestwich is a popular spot for families, with four secondary schools, local shops and pleasant green spaces to explore in your spare time.

Fast inner-city access isn’t Prestwich’s forte, with bus links into the city centre frequently taking between 30 to 40 minutes – but that only adds to the distinct village-feel of the area. However, Heaton Park Metrolink stop provides slightly faster access to the city centre (25 minutes).

If you’re looking for an understated escape from the city centre, Prestwich might be perfect for you.

10. Stretford

Average property price: £261,006

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 5%

This historic market town in Trafford is only a stone’s throw from the buzzing city centre.

Stretford Foodhall is a popular spot for locals to get their foodie fix (it was once dubbed Manchester’s coolest corner shop by Manchester Evening News), while others take up their free time in some fantastic pubs and shops dotted around the town.

Keen shopaholics can get their fix of designer clothes with the Trafford Centre sat right on your doorstep. Or, for the Manchester United supporters among us, Emirates Old Trafford is only 2 miles away, which is ideal for a matchday (or one of the many concerts they have there throughout the year)!

Located 4.4 miles outside the city centre, Stretford residents can reach the central district within 25 minutes on public transport or just an 18-minute car ride down the A56.

From its parks and green spaces to its renowned community spirit, Stretford is a fantastic location for families looking to settle down in Manchester

11. Irlam

Average property price: £200,520

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 15%

Sat on the northern bank of the river Irwell lies Irlam – the eleventh spot on our list.

This village suburb in Salford is rich in amenities. From its well-kept parks, large leisure centre and 24-hour supermarkets, Irwell is an excellent location for families in Manchester.

Irlam was hit hard following the closure of the steelworks in the ’70s. Even after the site was cleaned up and renovated into the Northbank Industrial Estate, it felt as though the area never quite recovered.

But today, the streets are clean and filled with trendy businesses, signifying how much the area has developed since the start of the Millennium.

The village’s once-derelict train station (which housed chickens) now offers direct routes into Manchester City Centre and Liverpool Lime Street.

Following this wave of investment, there has been a boom in first-time buyers flocking to the area. It’s apparent from the 15% rise in property value in the past year alone.

Perched along the A57, Irlam has excellent access to the city centre through the Manchester Ring Road and M60 or their frequent bus and tram routes.

It’s rich in green space, with the surrounding green belt of Chat Moss providing a home for birdlife, farmland, woodland and heathland.

Young professionals and families alike will find a great property in Irlam, especially as it is one of Manchester’s most up-and-coming areas.

12. Cadishead

Average property price: £192,458

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 15%

Southwest of Irlam is our next pick – the village of Cadishead.

Properties in this small area have undergone the same evolution as those in Irlam, having seen a boom in first-time buyers coming to the village.

A rural ambience is prevalent around the area that provides a unique feel unlike most places in Manchester. Is it any wonder that Cadishead is so popular with families?

That’s without mentioning the eight popular schools found across the district, with Irlam and Cadishead College providing top educational opportunities for older students.

Northbank Industrial Park is the largest employer in the area, supporting major international companies and small, independent businesses alike.

You could explore the peat bog of Chat Moss if you’re looking for green space, or you could wander around (the slightly less muddy) Cadishead Park – which comes fitted with a playground, skatepark, a multi-sports facility and a green gym.

13. Kersal

Average property price: £279,209

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 20%

13 might be unlucky for some, but not if you’re looking for a bustling suburb with properties soaring in value.

Home of the proud Salford FC, Kersal lies just south of Prestwich, allowing much of the same charm to spill over. The area is wealthy in green spaces, like Kersal Wetlands and Kersal Dale, which enables this area to thrive.

However, if you’re looking for easy city centre access, Kersal might not be up your street. Despite only being four miles out from the city centre, it will take residents around 50 minutes on a bus into the city centre.

It’s also a fantastic investment for the future, as properties in Kersal rose in value by a whopping 20% over the last 12 months (and 31% from its 2019 peak)!

14. Whitefield

Average property price: £247,111

Increase in property value over last 12 months: -3%

While Prestwich may catch the eye in North Manchester, the up-and-coming Whitefield should firmly be on your shopping list of the best places in the city.

Filled with new bars and restaurants, exciting businesses and designer clothes shops, Whitefield gives anywhere in Manchester a run for their money.

Its award-winning chocolatier and food emporium, Slattery, is always a popular go-to for the locals. Philips Park Local Nature Reserve and Fusiliers Meadow are two remarkable green spaces begging to be explored.

Whitefield has two Metrolink stations which provide easy access to Victoria Station and the City Centre, but there are also frequent bus routes if that’s more your style.

Whether you’re looking for sport or entertainment, there’s something for everyone in Whitefield. You can catch a few rounds at the Whitefield Golf Club (fitted with a 10-hole course), or the Whitefield Garrick Theatre, which local enthusiasts run.


Average property price: £509,067

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 2%

While officially not in Manchester, this market town is filled with enough professionals that commute into the city for us to mention it on our list.

Located 11 miles south of Manchester City Centre, the affluent town of Wilmslow offers a range of well-sized housing – and that’s clear to see in the average price for the property.

Although not the most expensive on our list (Altrincham beats it by £10K), Wilmslow is still a trendy area for professionals in sports and those earning big bucks from their office job.

Wilmslow’s high street is filled with the large chain stores you’d expect for a middle-aged demographic – we’re talking John Lewis, Marks and Spencer’s, and Next. Meanwhile, foodies are well catered for, whether from the patisserie, wine shops, delicatessen, or one of many cafes.

On the outskirts of town sits the Quarry Bank Mill, one of the best-preserved textile mills from the Industrial Revolution that remains protected by the National Trust.

It won’t be in everyone’s budget, but if you can find the extra bit of cash to secure a deposit in Wilmslow, it’ll be worth your whil

16. Levenshulme

Average property price: £218,722

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 0%

Named by the Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2019 (alongside Ancoats), Levenshulme has undergone a drastic regeneration over the last few years.

One thing that has helped elevate Levenshulme to another level is its booming food and drink scene.

This once gloomy area is now renowned for its home-baked vegan buns and regional delicacies sold at an independent market.

It’s not just the gin, beer, and food festivals that are upping the quality of life in this suburb, though. Several ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ schools within the catchment area make it an irresistible option for families.

Despite being out of the city centre, you’re only ever a 20-minute bus ride (or six minutes on the train) into the middle of the city.

The Sunday Times describes it best when they say that Levenshulme has an ‘individual yet communal’ culture. It’s an ethnically diverse suburb that undoubtedly belongs amongst Manchester’s best places to live.


Average property price: £259,950

Increase in property value over last 12 months: -1%

Are you looking for a quieter suburb with lots of green space? Look no further than Burnage, the peaceful neighbourhood that offers the best of both worlds.

Nestled in between Manchester and Stockport is this tranquil suburb with an assortment of fantastic schools for families to choose from.

These streets are paved in musical history, with British rockstars Liam and Noel Gallagher spending their childhoods here before forming Oasis in the 90s.

Semi-detached properties built in the 1930s and 1940s are the most popular type of accommodation in this suburb, averaging at a price of £278,517.

Residents of Burnage can reach Manchester City Centre within 30-minutes via bus, or Stockport Town Centre within 20-minutes, making it a prime location for commuters.

Being so close to Levenshulme, many of the suburb’s features carry over to Burnage, from great schools to vast green spaces, and it’s all the better for i

18. Ordsall

Average property price: £190,038

Increase in property value over last 12 months: -11%

Slotted in between Manchester and MediaCityUK, Ordsall has seen a rise in young professionals flocking to the area as they look to take the next step in their careers.

After this boom, million-pound investments soon followed, creating thousands of new properties and job opportunities.

Properties in Ordsall are only a 10-minute walk from Deansgate, making them ideal for young professionals looking to balance their work and play without the need for public transport.

Ordsall is home to Salford Lads Club, arguably the most famous landmark in all of the city, thanks to The Smiths featuring it on the inside cover of their acclaimed album ‘The Queen Is Dead’. It’s a popular tourist destination, but it’s also a spot where volunteers continue to host community events and activities for youngsters in the area.

You’ll find arguably the best food Manchester has to offer right here in Ordsall, from burgers cooked by a Michelin-star chef to delicious Portuguese delicacies.

The area is mainly filled with new apartment developments overlooking the River Irwell, selling for an average of £179,108

19. Hulme

Average property price: £174,925

Increase in property value over last 12 months: -12%

Low property prices are a significant pull for first-time buyers moving to Hulme, but there’s much more than just affordable property in the area.

It’s a region with a growing arts scene, with the Z-arts theatre and venue being a hotspot for workshops, performances, and creative learning. The vibrant building has a 230-seat theatre, music studio, fully equipped dance studio, and a gallery.

Sitting south of the Mancunian Way, Hulme has superb public transport links running into the city centre, but it’s only a 20-minute walk away if you fancy catching some fresh air.

Hulme used to have an anti-social reputation, but it has since been reformed after city dwellers and young professionals moved into the area. Now, the area has all the amenities you would look for in a residential area, with a massive Asda superstore on your doorstep, a variety of eateries from a range of cuisines, and friendly pubs

20. Atherton

Average property price: £165,664

Increase in property value over last 12 months: 8% 

Last up on our list is the quiet town of Atherton.

Nestled between Wigan and Bolton, Atherton has everything a homebuyer is looking for in 2022.

With an assortment of local businesses, their own football club, and trendy bars, Atherton is an exciting prospect for families wanting to move to Manchester.

One major plus of moving to Atherton is the low house prices matched with the increasing value of property over the past 12 months.

Terraced properties are the most popular type of property in this town (averaging an affordable £130,522), while detached properties are the most expensive (£353,456). 

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Complete Manchester Postcode Breakdown: 

Manchester is a BIG place, and naturally, we can’t cover every location on our list.

To help you find properties best suited to your budget, we have covered EVERY Manchester postcode, their average property price and the areas the postcode covers.

Interested in Manchester rental yields? View our complete guide.

Let’s get into it:

Postcode Average Property Price Areas in Postcode
M1 £245,408 Picadilly, Market Street, City Centre
M2 £350,304 Deansgate, City Centre
M3 £239,684 City Centre, Deansgate, Castlefield, Blackfriars, Greengate, Trinity
M4 £265,144 Ancoats, Northern Quarter, Strangeways
M5 £180,941 Ordsall, Seedley, Weaste, University
M6 £194,829 Pendleton, Irlams o’ the’ Height, Langworthy, Seedley, Charlestown
M7 £281,744 Higher Broughton., Cheetwood, Lower Broughton, Kersal
M8 £169,869 Crumpsall, Cheetham Hill
M9 £167,256 Harpurhey, Blackley
M11 £173,181 Clayton, Openshaw, Beswick
M12 £156,858 Ardwick, Chorlton-on-Medlock
M13 £209,305 Ardwick, Chorlton-on-Medlock
M14 £203,733 Fallowfield, Moss Side, Rusholme, Victoria Park, Ladybarn, Longsight
M15 £215,402 Hulme, Old Trafford
M16 £263,367 Firswood, Old Trafford, Whalley Range, Moss Side
M17 £235,000 Trafford Park
M18 £151,756 Abbey Hey, Gorton
M19 £237,661 Levenshulme, Burnage
M20 £376,108 Didbsury, Withington
M21 £390,893 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Barlow Moor
M22 £206,125 Wythenshawe, Northenden
M23 £223,743 Baguley, Brooklands
M24 £194,720 Middleton, Alkrington, Chadderton
M25 £285,062 Prestwich, Sedgley Park, Simister
M26 £187,602 Radcliffe, Stoneclough
M27 £220,992 Swinton, Clifton, Pendlebury, Wardley, Agecroft
M28 £298,897 Worsley, Walkden, Boothstown, Mosley Common
M29 £209,159 Tyldesley Astley
M30 £228,538 Eccles, Monton, Peel Green, Winton, Patricroft. Barton-upon-Irwell, Ellesmere Park
M31 £188,862 Carrington, Partington
M32 £262,477 Stretford
M33 £362,156 Sale, Brooklands
M34 £201,861 Denton, Audenshaw
M35 £190,486 Failsworth
M38 £131,441 Little Hulton
M40 £168,911 Collyhurst, Miles Platting, Moston, New Moston, Newton Heath
M41 £313,673 Urmston, Davyhulme, Flixton, Trafford
M43 £187,661 Droylseden
M45 £247,137 Irlam, Cadishead
M46 £168,275 Whitefield
M50 £229,456 Atherton
M60 £202,625 Salford Quays, MeidaCityUK

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