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25 Best Areas ToLive In London

Best Areas To Live In London

London, a city rich in history, culture, and unparalleled diversity, offers a multitude of neighborhoods, each with its unique charm. From the trendy streets of Shoreditch and the leafy avenues of Notting Hill to the riverside serenity of Richmond and the bustling heart of Covent Garden, there’s a corner of the capital to suit every preference. Whether you’re drawn to the arts, green spaces, or the allure of iconic landmarks, London’s tapestry of areas ensures that every resident finds their perfect home. Here’s a guide to the best areas to live in this vibrant metropolis.

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25 Best Areas To Live In London


Average house price in Belgravia: £2,584,677

Average rental price in Belgravia: £8,620 PCM

Exclusive. Affluent. Luxurious. The Central London district of Belgravia is one of London’s most premium living escapes.

Set between Chelsea and Buckingham Palace, the area was developed in the 1800s as a neighbourhood for the wealthy. Today, its grandeur is still there for all to see. With elegant garden squares and pillared porches, Belgravia remains the place to be for the super-rich seeking an unrivalled luxury lifestyle.

Belgravia’s famed white stucco-fronted terraces provide some of the most beautiful architecture in London. With a quintessentially British feel, very few areas can still capture this feeling amid the modern skyscrapers and apartment blocks we see today.

Even the food scene is grand, with four Michelin-starred restaurants for residents to choose from. And for families, Belgravia children have access to some incredibly high-rated schools.

While the average house price is an eye-watering £2.58 million – 388% more than the city average – a low crime rate and village-like atmosphere make Belgravia the place to be, provided you’ve got the cash.


Average house price: £615,226

Average rental price: £1,963 PCM

Travel south of the River Thames into the borough of Southwark, and you’ll find bohemian Bermondsey, one of London’s most stylish neighbourhoods. A mainstay on The Sunday Times’ list of the best places to live in London, Bermondsey epitomises the modern urban living the capital is hailed for.

Previously an industrial district, its warehouses have now been replaced with chic apartments, stunning public gardens, and trendy riverside restaurants. The neighbourhood is one of the best places to live for young professionals and is just minutes from Maltby Street Market with some seriously impressive transport links.

Nestled ideally on the Jubilee Line, residents can get to Bond Street in just 10-minutes, while the iconic London Bridge is within walking distance. And although house prices are slightly above the city average, rent is surprisingly affordable at 56% less than the London average – another major pull for professionals.

So, if you want a modern, riverside neighbourhood filled with quirky cafés and booming restaurants, then Bermondsey could be the perfect choice for you.


Average house price: £691,034

Average rental price: £1,621 PCM

The quiet town of Blackheath provides the ultimate escape for those tired of the hustle and bustle of London life. Providing a village-like rural escape in the heart of South East London, you’ll feel a million miles away from the capital.

Yet thanks to great transport links, Blackheath is only 25 minutes away from the city’s bustling epicentre, with Charing Cross just 6.7 miles away. The town provides a quieter alternative to inner city hubbub while still featuring everything great about London.

From its fantastic green spaces and independent restaurants and shops, it’s rare to find a rural hub so perfectly connected to modern living. Even the house prices are lower than you’d expect from a quaint London village.

While property prices are above the city-wide average, its Georgian homes are below the prices in other rural (and affluent) areas. At the same time, the average rent in Blackheath is incredibly reasonable and is on par with cities like Manchester and Leeds – almost £3k below the city average.


Average House Price in Brixton: £593,333

Average Rental Price in Brixton: £2,083 PCM

Brixton is an energetic hotspot perfect for young professionals hungry for an authentic London experience. This lively district is found in the south of London and wears its diverse and rich culture on its sleeve.

The smells of mouth-watering street food are unmissable around Brixton Market, with casual food spots in the welcoming Brixton Village. If you’re eager to find a place to enjoy good music, then Brixton is a good choice for you, too.

With a flurry of late-night bars and venues to explore, like the O2 Academy Brixton and Hootananny, Brixton is a top place to live. It’s even well-serviced with transport links, with a metro line providing direct access to Soho and Kings Cross.

You can expect a decent mix of homes here, with terraced houses, new builds, and flats. Prices aren’t bad for London either, with averages of £593,333 and rent just north of £2,080 per month.


Average House Price in Camden: £1,186,654

Average Rental Price in Camden: £3,585 PCM

The word ‘lively’ was invented to describe the hustle and bustle of Camden. Found in North London near the St. Pancras International railway station, Camden is an eclectic mix of markets, bars, cafés, and music venues.

But while Camden is undoubtedly a place to let loose and unwind, life is not always at the blistering pace the area is known for. You can explore the peaceful greenery of the nearby Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill. Or if animals are more your thing, the incredible London Zoo is just a short walk away.

As always in London, you’ll need the big bucks to afford the Camden lifestyle, with house prices averages falling at nearly £1.2 million. Rent isn’t any better either, with an average monthly charge of £3,585.

Don’t worry if this price tag is out of your budget. Nearby neighbourhoods like Kentish Town and Barnsbury come to a lot cheaper and are within walking distance.


Average House Price: £2,400,615

Average Rental Price: £3,919 PCM

When you think of affluence and luxury in London, Chelsea may be one of the first areas to come to mind. Found North of the River Thames in South West London, the neighbourhood has played host to many of London’s rich and famous.

The likes of Eric Clapton, J.K. Rowling, and The Rolling Stones have all owned properties here, and it’s easy to see why. With exquisite architecture and some of the UK’s best schools nearby, Chelsea is a dream destination for London’s wealthy families.

Another benefit is its closeness to the city centre, with Chelsea only an 18-minute drive away. However, there’s no tube stop here, which could be an issue if you’re a young professional. (Although, the South Kensington Tube station isn’t too far away).

As you’d expect from an ultra-rich district, you’ll need some serious cash to afford one of Chelsea’s prestigious homes. In fact, the average price in the neighbourhood is an eye-watering £2.4 million. Rent isn’t far behind, either, with prices at almost £4,000 PCM.

But if you’ve got the funds available, you could be rubbing shoulders with some of London’s most famous residents in 2022.


Average House Price: £846,719

Average Rental Price: £1999 PCM

For younger people hungry for a high-spirited district filled with unrivalled nightlife and entertainment, then the South West district of Clapham could be your next home.

Neighbouring the bustling Brixton, Clapham is one of London’s trendiest places to live. Filled with bars, restaurants, delis, and cafés, Clapham High Street is an epicentre for retail therapy in the South of the capital.

The heart of Clapham is undoubtedly Clapham Common, a giant 220-acre triangular park featuring expansive jogging paths and three stunning ponds – the perfect place to unwind. And while all these factors could suggest Clapham is best suited to young professionals, especially when you consider its proximity to the city centre, it’s also an ideal place for families.

You’ll find a laid-back and family-friendly lifestyle near Clapham Old Town, which features a host of great boutiques and delis to explore. In fact, Clapham is well-suited to a huge array of people thanks to a diverse housing market filled with terrace homes, new builds, and even council estates.

So, while the average price tag is a sizeable £846,719, the low London rent of £1,999 PCM makes Clapham a surprisingly affordable choice for renters looking to live in the capital.

Crystal Palace

Average House Price: £497,376

Average Rental Price: £1,390 PCM

It may come as a shock given how affordable Crystal Palace is, but the esteemed bohemian hotspot was recently named the best place to live in London by The Sunday Times. And for those familiar with this exciting and unique area, this shouldn’t come as a shock.

Crystal Palace isn’t a typical London area. Prices here are incredibly affordable, not just by London standards but the South East as a whole. Rent is also surprisingly affordable, with averages comparable to far cheaper locations up North.

The living experience offered by Crystal Palace is atypical, too. Filled with beautiful parks, top-class schools, and stunning period mansions, Crystal Palace has village-like goodness you’d never expect from the capital.

Yet, Crystal Palace also meets the high expectations of the capital with plenty of things to see and do. With a booming high street competing with any on this list, the renowned South Facing festival, and the local Crystal Palace FC — nicknamed the Eagles — you’re unlikely to get bored here.

That’s not to mention London’s world-class transport links, allowing easy access to the city’s core in minutes. As such, this indie sleeper-hit is undoubtedly one of London’s finest places to call home in 2022.


Average House Price: £831,195

Average Rental Price: £1,718 PCM

Dulwich is an affluent suburb that provides a quiet, villagey alternative to London living. Thanks to Dulwich’s off-the-beaten-track location in the south of the capital, the neighbourhood is likely one of London’s best-kept secrets.

While this means the area suffers slightly in terms of connectivity (there’s no metro station), it more than makes up for it with its welcoming facilities.

Streets are adorned with relaxed pubs and cafés. The Dulwick Park provides a neat green escape for families and professionals to explore. Football fans can also get their fix at Dulwich Park, with local team Dulwich Hamlet FC playing regularly.

Its calm, small-town vibes are a treat for those disinterested in the bustle of inner-city London. But that’s not to say you’re totally disconnected. In fact, there are direct trains from Dulwich to place residents at London Bridge in only 15 minutes. There are also great cycle routes for those looking to break a sweat on their morning commute.

You’ll mainly find Edwardian and Victorian properties here, with many converted into flats, which may be ideal for young professionals. Overall, you should expect average prices of around £831,195 – quite pricey, but rent is a more reasonable £1,718 PCM.


Average House Price in Greenwich: £359,028

Average Rental Price in Greenwich: £2,417 PCM

Greenwich is one of the most exciting up and coming London neighbourhoods in 2022. Found on the banks of the River Thames in East London, Greenwich is a hotbed for massive regeneration schemes designed to boost the quality of life.

Take Greenwich Peninsula, for instance. Regarded as Europe’s largest regeneration project, Greenwich Peninsula is regenerating seven neighbourhoods in the area at the cost of £8 billion. Yet, despite this regeneration work, property prices remain incredibly affordable (for now).

You’ll mainly find apartments here, with an overall average price of under £360k, comfortably below the city-wide average. While rent is slightly higher in comparison, it’s still dwarfed by many averages in this guide.

The South East London town also ranks amongst the most iconic in London. Home to the famous Tower London Bridge and the iconic O2 leisure complex, Greenwich truly is one of the best places in London to live. Transport links are also fantastic for young professionals, with Canary Wharf just one metro stop away.


Average House Price: £940,348

Average Rental Price: £2,394

Connectivity is vital for Londoners. With the capital so big, getting to and from work during the morning commute requires excellent transport links nearby. But wouldn’t it be great if you could find a place that has fantastic houses alongside big businesses?

Well, now you can with Hammersmith, the stunning riverside district found in West London. A predominately middle-class area, Hammersmith has all the necessities of a good home. With its cosy cafés, popular pubs, and meandering riverside walks, the area offers the in-demand amenities of a modern family.

Yet, Hammersmith also ticks the boxes for professionals. The popular area has a bustling business scene, with plenty of offices housing some of the world’s largest corporations, like Coca Cola and Disney.

And for those looking for an inner-city shopping trip, Hammersmith also has you covered with a Tube line providing direct access to Central London in minutes. Heathrow Airport is also a few stops away!

Pairing this excellent connectivity and employment opportunities with great schools and you have the perfect recipe for success in Hammersmith. The only issue? You’ll need a healthy wallet in Hammersmith, with prices north of £940k and rent just shy of £2,400 PCM.


Average House Price in Hampstead: £1,508,178

Average Rental Price in Hampstead: £4,305 PCM

Ready to splash the cash and rub shoulders with celebrities, artists, and poets? Then welcome to the village of Hampstead. The pinnacle of residential living in the capital, Hampstead is a quaint and affluent village overflowing with character and history in North West London.

Perhaps the biggest draw of living in Hampstead is its ideal location. While residents benefit from stunning cobbled streets and the nearby green space of Hampstead Heath, you can get to Central London in just 20 minutes.

But while travelling into the inner city is great, you’ll also have everything you could need on your doorstep. Take Hampstead High Street. The beating heart of village life features an impressive collection of shops, boutiques, and restaurants. It even has its own nearby Tube station.

Of course, this all comes at a premium, with Hampstead one of London’s most coveted and expensive areas. You can expect average prices upwards of £1.5 million, with an eye-watering average rent of £4,305 PCM.

But if you can afford the admission fee, Hampstead may just be the best area to live in London.


Average House Price: £608,277

Average Rental Price: £1,830 PCM

Hanwell is a rare breed. And no, not because of its nearby Brent Lodge Park Zoo. Rather, the West London suburb is an unearthed gem whose house prices are about to skyrocket when the long-awaited Elizabeth Line opens.

Previously, families and professionals have opted for the nearby Ealing. But due to creeping house prices, more and more have started to discover the independent and friendly lifestyle of Hanwell.

Residents here have an action-packed social calendar, with the likes of Hanwell Hootie and Hanwell Carnival some of the biggest of their kind, with revellers and foodies enjoying the host of street food and oceans of beer on offer.

And although much of Hanwell’s allure comes from its upcoming transport expansion, that’ll place the suburb within 17 minutes of Bond Street and 31 minutes of Canary Wharf, the suburb is also a haven in its own right.

From fantastic schools to already respectable transport links (you can get to Paddington and Heathrow in just 15 minutes), Hanwell is one of London’s most exciting up and coming areas.

Unfortunately, houses remain on the pricier side at nearly £610k. But with the upcoming regeneration work, these property values could get a lot higher as the years’ progress. Watch this space.  

Highbury and Islington

Average House Price: £856,286 – £857,759

Average Rental Price: £1,885 – £2,397 PCM

You might think we’re cheating by putting two places on this entry. But the North London neighbourhoods of Highbury and Islington go so hand-in-hand, it’d be wrong to split them up.

Islington is the beating heart of the area, with a host of cinemas, bars, and retail outlets the ideal hunting ground for the area’s thriving young professional population. Meanwhile, Highbury plays more of a relaxed residential tune, with cosy pubs, welcoming cafés, larger homes, and popular green spaces.

You may also recognise the former as the home of Arsenal FC, whose Highbury home saw them become the famed Invincibles in 2004. And although the Club have fallen short of accolades over the last few years, Highbury is still alive with football fans come the weekend.

The area best suited to you will depend on what you want out of a home, yet both neighbourhoods provide all the access you need to get into the city centre and the famed West End in minutes.

While house prices in the area can be gigantic, rent is a far more reasonable £1,885 to £2,397 PCM on average – over half as much as the city-wide average.

Isle of Dogs

Average House Price: £607,544

Average Rental Price: £2,561 PCM

No, not the Wes Anderson film. The Isle of Dogs in East London is a thriving residential area that ranks amongst the best places to live in London. Although not technically an island, the Isle of Dogs is found in a large meander on the River Thames and benefits from one of the best locations for professionals in the capital.

The world-renowned Canary Wharf is just a short walk away, while the city centre is a 15-minute journey. The Isle is also a haven for regeneration and development work, as you’d likely expect from somewhere close to central London. In fact, thousands of flats are currently being built near Canary Wharf, which is expected to cause a huge uplift in the local population.

While its location may convince you that The Isle is only good for professionals, a drastic increase in the quality of local schools has made the area a haven for families. And with jaw-dropping views of the river, is there any wonder the Isle of Dogs was named the best place to live in London by the Sunday Times in 2019?

You can find properties in the Isle of Dogs from as little as £601,565, with an overall average of £607,544 in 2022. For renters, you can expect a below-city average rate of £2,561 PCM – not too bad given its ideal location near London’s premier business district.


Average House Price: £2,550,701

Average Rental Price: £2,240 PCM

Like its Chelsea neighbour, Kensington is likely one of the first London places to come to mind when you think of affluence. The popular area is found close to the River Thames and is surrounded by other top areas like Westminster, Hammersmith, and the famed Hyde Park.

But despite its expensive neighbours, Kensington is likely in a league of its own. Much of London’s best museums are found here, with fantastic restaurants and stylish nightlife a big pull for families and young professionals alike.

You’ll mainly find flats in Kensington, which fetch an average of almost £1.7 million. Meanwhile, the most expensive property type is detached properties, currently priced at (brace yourselves) £20 million!

Rent is a bit more digestible and won’t need you to own a small country to afford, currently valued at £2,240 PCM on average.

King’s Cross

Average House Price: £743,327

Average Rental Price: £2,128 PCM

For many, the magic of King’s Cross began in 1997, when Harry Potter started his journey aboard the Hogwarts Express. But outside Platform 9¾, the area was anything but magical.

Run-down and underutilised, King’s Cross was mainly the crossing point for passersby heading to a bouncing event late at night. However, fast-forward to 2022, the area is now unrecognisable as a contemporary, cool, and central neighbourhood in the heart of London.

The vibrant neighbourhood houses some massive commercial names like Google and Meta, attracting a population of high-paying young professionals. Despite its central location, King’s Cross is no stranger to greenery, with stunning pocket parks and stretches of canals to explore on your morning run.

And with a booming local shopping scene, great local schools, and some seriously impressive transport links (it’s London, after all), it’s obvious that King’s Cross is one of the best areas to live in London AND England in 2022.

You won’t be surprised to learn that King’s Cross made our list as one of the best places to live in England this year. It also featured on the Sunday Times’ list of London’s best places to live. And if that’s not enough to convince you, we don’t know what will.

Muswell Hill

Average House Price in Muswell Hill: £925,907

Average Rental Price in Muswell Hill: £1,790 PCM (based on N10 postcode)

The lofty neighbourhood of Muswell Hill sits at over 335ft above sea level and contains blissful views of the cityscape below. Primarily the chosen home of aspirational – and wealthy – families, Muswell Hill ticks many boxes needed to be called the best place to live in London for families.

The urban village is home to GREAT schools, beautiful houses, and tonnes of green space to explore – like the glorious Alexandra Park and Queen’s Wood. If all that wasn’t enough to sway you, there are also all of the hallmarks of a London suburb, including gigs, cafés, restaurants, and fashion boutiques.

As you’ve come to expect from the best places to live in London, Muswell Hill is expensive. Property prices here are just over an eye-watering £925,000. But renters will find a far cheaper proposition, with rent averages of just £1,790 in the surrounding N10 postcode.

But if you can afford the steep entry price, Muswell Hill is at the height of affluence in 2022.

New Malden

Average House Price: £684,080

Average Rental Price: £2,049 PCM

Diversity is at the heart of London living, and this can especially be seen in New Malden, a slice of Korea in the southwest of the capital. Despite hits like Squid Game and Parasite generating widespread acclaim for Korean culture in recent years, New Malden has been ahead of the curve for decades.

An estimated 20,000 Koreans live in the suburb, with a 700-strong North Korean community being the largest in Europe. As you can imagine, this has had a huge impact on local culture, with dozens of Korean restaurants and grocery stores lining its high street.

But while foodies will find joy in New Malden, the suburbs’ Korean influence runs deeper than its barbecue. The social calendar is filled with Korean delights, including kimchi-making at the Kimjang festival to a martial arts academy founded by a former soldier from the South Korean special forces.

Aside from the bingsoo, New Malden delivers plenty for house hunters to enjoy. Great schools are found in the area, with pleasant period housing, green spaces, and top transport links. Retail therapy is also easy thanks to a great high street, but for the big brands, the likes of Wimbledon and Kingston are only six minutes away.

Although house prices are quite costly, and rent is fairly steep (still half the city average, mind), New Malden offers an ideal escape for families and young professionals in 2022.

Notting Hill

Average House Price:  £1,768,652

Average Rental Price: £3,198 PCM

Although you’re unlikely to catch Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts living up the rom-com life, Notting Hill remains one of London’s most affluent, prestigious, and beautiful places to live in 2022. A lot has changed about the area since the iconic Notting Hill film’s release in 1999.

While the West London district has always been one for bohemian glamour with its white stucco townhouses and garden squares, Notting Hill was previously a party place, best known for its famed annual carnival. Yet the film sparked a desire in people, with the neighbourhood spreading overseas and attracting the super-rich to its pink and lavender houses.

Since then, everything has been upmarket, with a swathe of Michelin-starred restaurants, celebrity-drawing gyms, and high-class shop fronts providing the ideal evening plans for wealthy families.

That’s not to say everything is for the 1% club. Older locals provide the lifeblood and spirit of Notting Hill, with the strong Afro-Caribbean community celebrated every year through the world-famous Notting Hill carnival.

Joining this with good transport links and outstanding schools (some of the best in the country), Notting Hill is the ideal escape for super-rich families this year. Just make sure you’ve got the cash, with average prices falling at over £1.7 million.

Primrose Hill

Average House Price in Primrose Hill: £1,905,413

Average Rental Price in Primrose Hill: £4,241 PCM

Prim and proper to the highest order, Primrose Hill is one of the capital’s most stunning neighbourhoods. This compact and quiet urban village can be found near Regent’s Park and provides panoramic views of the capital.

Best characterised by its pastel-coloured townhouses straight out of a Wes Anderson movie, Primrose Hill is more than just a pretty face. The area offers a collection of pubs, delis, eateries, and fashion shops dotted across its quiet residential streets.

Families will also find a lot of joy in Primrose Hill. The primary Primrose Hill School is ranked outstanding by Ofsted, with several secondary schools also ranking amongst the best in the country. Pairing this with great connections and beautiful sights, you’ll see why the Sunday Times ranked Primrose Hill amongst the best in the capital in 2021. 

However, what’s not to love is the house prices. You’ll need deep pockets (and strong legs) to tackle this Hill with an average price of £1.9 million. Rent is also huge, with a £4,241 per month average.


Average House Price in Putney: £839,489

Average Rental Price in Putney: £2,615 PCM

A wealthy district of South West London, Putney faces the Thames and is characterised by its beautiful architecture. This quiet residential escape offers all the peace you could need from a residential region, with a charming small-town feel.

But don’t let that convince you it’s in any way boring. Putney is lined with lively riverside pubs and bars, with a busy shopping scene centred on the Putney Exchange mall. Residents also get their slice of greenery in the capital, with the woodlands of Putney Heath an excellent spot for picnics.

Despite this wealthy reputation, Putney prices are lower than other spots on this list, with house prices of around £839,000. Let’s put it this way; you’ll be hard-pressed to find many affluent London areas cheaper than Putney.


Average House Price in Shoreditch: £719,437

Average Rental Price in Shoreditch: £2,903 PCM

Vibrant. Creative. Fashionable. If this sounds like your vibe, then Shoreditch could be the best place to live in London for you. Found in the East End of London, this popular neighbourhood offers all the transport links and eateries you could ever visit in one lifetime.

Filled to the brim with busy shopping streets, coffee shops, and independent stores, Shoreditch has an incredibly young population. For this reason, the neighbourhood is likely the best area to live in London in your 20s.

Shoreditch was previously an industrial area but has had a beautiful makeover into a trendy hotspot for fashion hunters and foodies. As you’d expect in an area so close to Central London, green spaces aren’t abundant. Still, there is the popular Shoreditch Park for a good sunbathing session.

You can find a mix of properties in Shoreditch, with flats and terraced homes setting you back an average of £719,437 and rent of £2,903 per month. There are even houseboats in the area if you’re eager to cut the costs of London living to a minimum.


Average House Price in Teddington: £835,690

Average Rental Price in Teddington: £1,866 PCM

If you’re looking to escape the bustle of central London but aren’t ready to settle down in the wilds just yet, this leafy suburb could be for you. Described as a child-friendly environment thanks to its wealth of rivers, parks, and schools, Teddington provides a green escape on the banks of the River Thames.

Found in South West London in the borough of Richmond upon Thames, the suburb was named the best place to live in London by The Times in 2021. Teddington has become the preferred choice of young couples and growing families with a host of independent shops and cafés to explore.

Schools in the area are also fantastic, with three primary schools rated “outstanding” by Ofsted. There are plenty of properties for house hunters, including luxury apartments, Victorian villas, and Georgian terraces.

These can cost you a pretty penny, though, with an average price tag of £835,690, according to the Land Registry. But for those renting, Teddington is one of London’s most affordable areas, with an average rent of just £1,866 per month.

Victoria Park

Average House Price: £753,277

Average Rental Price: £1,499 PCM

Tired of urban havens but don’t want rural exclusion from the capital? Then Victoria Park, named one of the best places to live in London by the Sunday Times, could be the place for you.

The leafy neighbourhood found in East London provides easy access to the capital’s busiest enclaves. At the same time, it offers a family-friendly mix of award-winning green space, top schools, and eye-catching period homes. What’s not to love?

The area’s biggest attraction is its namesake Victoria Park, a 213-acre haven filled with ponds, playgrounds, and pitches. The park regularly wins awards for being one of Britain’s best, with joggers and dog-walkers a common sight when the sun comes out.

Depending on when you visit, the park also holds an exciting social calendar. Visit on a Sunday, and you’re in store for some tasty sights and international cuisine at the acclaimed food market. Or, come in August and listen to some of the world’s best musical acts at the annual All Points East festival.  

Outside the park, you’ll find a cracking cluster of restaurants, pubs, and shops, with a village-like high street to get all the essentials. While it may not hold the big brands, you’re just a 15-minute walk from Hackney and only 20 minutes from Bethnal Green via the central line if the West End is more your thing.

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