Leicester Property 2023 Guide

The Complete Leicester Area Guide (2023)

This is the most comprehensive guide to Leicester you’ll find online.

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to know about buying AND investing in this East Midlands city.

From the latest property price analysis to ranking the best estate agents in the city, this is a must-read for all Leicester house hunters.

We’ve split our guide into four in-depth blogs designed to take your Leicester knowledge to the next level.

Just click the images below for instant access or scroll down for a quick read on what you can expect in our guide.

Let’s dive right in:

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View Leicester Guides (Updated For 2023)

Our Experience

Leicester House Prices

Leicester property prices are on the rise, driven by demand and a growing economy. A great investment choice in a vibrant city. Click below to read more.

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Best Areas To Live In Leicester

Leicester’s best areas to live include Clarendon Park, Stoneygate, and Knighton. These neighborhoods offer a mix of amenities, schools, and charm.

Our Values

Leicester Rental Yields

Leicester rental yields are attractive, averaging around 5-6%. High demand, growing student population, and affordable property prices make it appealing for investors.

Interested In Leicester Property Investment?

House Prices in Leicester 

Your first port of call in our guide is the 2023 house prices report.

Knowing how much you can afford in a city is essential before you start researching homes.

And in our house prices in Leicester report, you’ll discover just that.

We use the latest Land Registry data available from the UK House Price Index to reveal current sold house prices in Leicester.

In the report, you can find:

  •       Regularly updated house prices for each property type in Leicester.
  •       How house prices have changed over the last few years.
  •       A Leicester property price forecast for the next four years.
  •       Leicester’s most expensive AND affordable postcodes.

And if that’s not enough, we also have a downloadable PDF guide for you to enjoy.

In our free downloadable guide, our property experts reveal even more about the Leicester property market – all displayed in straightforward graphs and charts.

You’ll learn why house prices are changing in Leicester, the price of new build homes vs existing properties, and an analysis of the number of properties sold in the city over the last five years.

Sound good?

Just click the following link to discover the latest house prices in Leicester.

Best Areas to Live in Leicester 

With 35 areas and neighbourhoods of Leicester to explore, it can be a tough task to know which one to pick.

And while you can spend hours online researching, we’ve done the hard work for you.

In our 2023 guide, we’ve outlined the 10 best areas to live in Leicester by analysing each neighbourhood based on crucial factors.

These include affordability, amenities, job opportunities, green spaces, and transport links.

Whether you want to know more about Leicester city centre or fancy the family-focused town of Oadby, our guide has it all.

Click the link to discover the best rental yields in Leicester today.