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Best Areas To Live In Glasgow

Best Places to Live in Glasgow (2023)

Key Takeaways:

  • Bearsden is the best place in Glasgow to live (but also the most expensive on our list).
  • Regeneration has transformed areas like Glasgow Harbour into thriving property hotspots.
  • Dennistoun has been ranked as the eighth coolest neighbourhood in the world (yes, the world).

Glasgow is the largest and most affordable city in Scotland to buy property.

Whether it’s students, young professionals, or families, over 635,000 people live in the city, with many more looking to move to the Scottish giant.

But where is the best place to live in Glasgow?

Is it in the East End or West End?

What about the city centre or Southside?

In this post, we’ll look at the best and (the so-called) worst places to live in Glasgow so you know exactly where to start your property search. You can also learn more about Glasgow house prices after you have read this guide.

Let’s start with the good stuff:

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Where Is The Best Place To Live In Glasgow?


Average House Price: £388,142 

Average Rental Costs: £876.15 PCM

The affluent town of Bearsden in East Dunbartonshire ranks on our list as the best place to live in Glasgow.

Only six miles northwest of Glasgow City Centre, this quaint town was rated by The Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in Scotland in 2021 – so you know they mean business.

Bearsden benefits from being in the catchment area of several excellent schools, including Bearsden Academy and Boclair Academy, making it one of the best places to live in Glasgow for families.

Avid golf fans will find a lot to love about Bearsden, especially with three golf courses surrounding the town (Glasgow Golf Club, Bearsden Golf Club and Douglas Park Gold Club).

The only downside we can find about living in Bearsden is that the property is some of the most expensive in the Glasgow area, averaging £388,142.

These house prices seem fitting considering that East Dunbartonshire is the ninth wealthiest place to live in Britain.

However, a range of great schools, green spaces, and highly desirable property makes Bearsden undeniably one of the best places to live outside Glasgow city centre


Average House Price: £150,371 

Average Rental Costs: £837.16 PCM 

If you’re looking for one of the best places to live in Glasgow for young professionals, look no further than Dennistoun.

This up-and-coming East End district was named as one of The Sunday Times’s best places to live in Scotland 2021 and the eighth coolest neighbourhood in the world by TimeOut magazine.

Dennistoun offers affordable property close to the city centre, surrounded by excellent transport connections and green space – a perfect place for your first home.

Locals can choose from a range of diverse commerce you won’t find anywhere else in Glasgow, including a zero-waste store and a Polish deli.

With property prices being the lowest on our list (and below the city’s average), Dennistoun is easily one of the best affordable places to live in Glasgow.


Average House Price: £363,820 

Average Rental Costs: £1,065.84 PCM 

Third on our list is a neighbourhood in the trendy West End popular with young professionals, families and students.

Ideally located between Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Hillhead has a lot of green space to offer, which can significantly improve the quality of life for locals.

The vibrant Hillhead suburb is also home to several independent shops and eateries, making it a dream location for young people looking to find a home of their own.

Being only a five-minute walk from Glasgow University and its new £1 billion campus development, which is expected to house over 600 academics, Hillhead is undoubtedly the best place to live in Glasgow for university students.

Nevertheless, families can also benefit from Hillhead’s stellar location due to its proximity to the desirable Hillhead Primary School.


Average House Price: £195,634 

Average Rental Costs: £813.51 PCM 

Homebuyers looking for the best place to live in Glasgow Southside should consider Shawlands.

The Guardian compared this urban Southside area to Manhattan’s Lower East Side for its wealth of restaurants, shops, great schools and high-quality property.

One thing Shawlands doesn’t lack is an abundance of green spaces, with both Queens Park and Pollok Country Park right on your doorstep.

While we think the Shawlands is easily one of the best places to live in Glasgow, don’t just take our word for it.

Glasgow Shawlands was voted among the best places to live in Scotland 2022 by the Sunday Times thanks to its wide selection of schools, transport, healthy high street and wide array of culture.

Affordable property prices below £200,000 also make Shawlands one of the best places to live in Glasgow as a single person.

Merchant City 

Average House Price: £184,967 

Average Rental Costs: £989.14 PCM 

Our number five pick is an attractive option for young professionals who want to live in Glasgow City Centre’s beating heart.

Merchant City is one of the city’s oldest areas where Glasgow’s rich medieval past merges with its modern, artistic present.

Creative hub Trongate 103 is home to many of the city’s artistic spaces, like Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre, Street Level Photoworks and The Glasgow Print Studio.

This fashionable district is sure to appeal to most young people wanting to move to Glasgow.

It’s home to a wide selection of shops, bars and restaurants in a gentrified area of the city centre.

Merchant City also has a lot to offer young people.

Thanks to its proximity to the International Financial Services District, University of Strathclyde and Glasgow College Campus, Merchant City is one of the best places for students to live in Glasgow.


Average House Price: £330,441 

Average Rental Costs: £938.11 PCM

Giffnock is a quaint neighbourhood in Glasgow’s Southside that ranks as one of the best places to live in Glasgow for families.

Commuting parents can benefit from excellent transport links, including the nearby M77 motorway and A77, which provides easy access to the city centre and the wider Glasgow area.

Additionally, Giffnock is rich in well-respected schools, such as Giffnock Primary School.

The Glasgow neighbourhood also offers families various housing options, from modern flats to stunning antique sandstone villas.

However, property prices in Giffnock are some of the highest you’ll see on our list – sold at just over £330k on average in August 2022.

Glasgow Harbour 

Average House Price: £188,579 

Average Rental Costs: £1,049.23 PCM

Following a huge £1.2 billion investment, the 130 acres of former brown land on Glasgow Harbour has been rejuvenated into one of the best places to live in Glasgow for professionals.

This property hotspot is filled with centrally located modern apartments and new developments overlooking the River Clyde, bringing Glasgow property into the modern day.

But Glasgow Harbour has a lot more to offer than just fancy property.

An array of tourist attractions, including the Riverside Museum, Glasgow Science Centre and The Tall Ship, within the surrounding area makes Glasgow Harbour a very attractive place to live in 2022.


Average House Price: £241,371 

Average Rental Costs: £807.47 PCM 

The charming suburb of Scotstoun lies to the west of Glasgow City Centre and is popular with families.

Perfect for family living, Scotstoun has built a reputation as being one of the safer places to live in Glasgow.

Scotstoun stands out from the crowd by being close to two of the best schools in the city,  Scotstoun Primary School and Jordanhill Secondary School.

Sports fanatics can get their fix by heading to the state-of-the-art Scotstoun Leisure Centre and Sports Campus.

Alternatively, you could head to the stunning Victoria Park for fresh air among the trees.

Scotstoun also offers some of the lowest rent costs on our list at £807.47, making it one of the best places to live in Glasgow as a single person.


Average House Price: £368,602 

Average Rental Costs: £1,044.88 PCM 

Last on our list is the leafy Edwardian neighbourhood of Hyndland in Glasgow’s sought-after West End.

The idea is ideally located within 10 minutes of the coveted Kelvinside Academy, making Hyndland a strong contender for the best place to live in Glasgow for families.

Still, Hyndland has much to offer professionals looking for a unique slice of life.

This Glaswegian neighbourhood has its share of diverse and unique nightlife experiences.

This includes the South American-inspired Cottier Theatre and local favourite drinking hole, The Rock.

Those looking for designer shops only need to look on Hyndland Road to find several modest but chic boutiques selling women’s clothes and accessories.

How Does Each Location Compare in Price? 

From our selections, Dennistoun is the most affordable area to live in Glasgow (£150,371).

Property in Bearsden will set you back the most at £388,142.

In fact, Dennistoun is the only one of our locations that’s below Glasgow’s average property price of £167,691.

The three best places to rent in Glasgow are Scotstoun, Shawlands and Dennistoun.

Bearsden and Giffnock are the only other locations with an average monthly rent lower than the city’s average of £945 PCM.

For more on property prices in Glasgow, click the link to read our in-depth guide!

Up and Coming Areas of Glasgow 

Like any city, Glasgow has some parts that are still developing but still have a lot to offer residents.

But that’s not to say you shouldn’t consider living there.

We’ve picked three locations around the city that may not be everyone’s first choice but are quickly becoming attractive locations.


Average House Price: £136,490 

Average Rental Costs: £1,007.13 

Formerly a shipping hotspot for Glasgow, Govan has been at the city’s forefront for decades.

Govan has a great location close to The Subway (locally known as The Clockwork Orange), providing locals with easy access to the rest of the city within minutes.

Additionally, this Scottish suburb is paving a name for itself as a hub for innovation.

Rookie Oven is home to some of the city’s most pioneering tech start-up companies, providing an array of jobs for locals, all while boosting the local economy.

Plans to build a bridge over the Clyde aim to connect this district to the wider West End and help develop the region further.


Average House Price: £165,168 

Average Rental Costs: £754.45 PCM 

Southwest of Glasgow city centre is Pollok, a housing estate home to over 12,000 people.

Community spirit runs high in this suburb thanks to the proud local football team Pollok F.C, who plays in the West of Scotland Football League.

However, the standout attraction of Pollok is the 270-year-old Pollok Country House.

The National Trust protected house has a vast collection of Spanish art and an extensive garden open to the public all year long.


Average House Price: £66,980 

Average Rental Costs: £770.42 PCM 

Lying in the East End of Glasgow, Easterhouse is a good location for first-time buyers.

Easterhouse offers some of the most affordable properties in Glasgow, with homes over £100k less than the city’s average.

While Easterhouse may not be as affluent as areas like Bearsden, it still has plenty to offer locals.

The Glaswegian suburb is surrounded by scenic green spaces, including Drumpellier Country Park and Auchinlea Park, offering an escape from the noise of the city.

Additionally, the nearby Lochs Shopping Centre and Glasgow Club Easterhouse provide a range of leisure opportunities for locals.

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