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Bradford House Prices

House Prices in Bradford UK

Key Takeaways:

  • On this page, you’ll find the latest house prices in Bradford from the Land Registry UK House Price Index.
  • You’ll discover how sold house prices in Bradford have changed since 2019.
  • And you’ll see the latest predictions for how Bradford house prices will grow in the coming years.
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Bradford House Prices.

House prices in Bradford were an average of £170,496 in June 2022.

This means that sold house prices in Bradford increased by £12,157 (7.68%) year-on-year and £1,873 (1.11%) since May 2022.

The average house price paid by Bradford first-time buyers was £151,935 in June 2022, £10,619 (7.51%) more than June 2021 and £29,914 (24.52%) more than June 2019.

Meanwhile, non-first-time buyers paid an average of £183,677 in June 2022, £13,461 (7.91%) more than a year ago and £37,270 (25.46%) higher than in 2019.

Terraced properties were the most common property type sold in Bradford in 2021, selling for an average price of £140,116 in June 2022.

Detached properties are the most expensive property type, sold at £308,485.

On average, semi-detached properties sold for £181,219, while flats were the cheapest property type at £112,670.

Property Type June 2022 June 2021 % Difference £ Difference
Detached £308,485 £283,328 8.88% +£25,157
Semi-detached £181,219 £166,784 8.65% +£14,435
Terraced £140,116 £130,696 7.21% +£9,420
Flats £112,670 £109,162 3.21% +£3,508
Overall £170,496 £158,339 7.68% +£12,157


Are House Prices Rising in Bradford? 

Yes, house prices in Bradford, West Yorkshire, are rising in 2022 and are currently outpacing previous years.

Since January 2022, the average Bradford house price has increased by £7,358 from £163,138 to £170,496 in June 2022 – a 4.51% growth.

However, in the same period in 2021, prices grew by £3,341 from £154,998 to £158,339 – just a 2.16% rise.

In fact, since Q2 of 2020, Bradford house prices have continued to rise consistently, as you can see from the graph below.

And judging by the latest house price forecast for the city, it doesn’t look like prices will stop growing anytime soon.

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Bradford House Price Forecast 2022-2026 

According to private research by JLL and Oxford Economics, Bradford house prices are set to rise in the coming years – but not as much as in other cities.

JLL predicts that the Yorkshire & Humber region will see house prices rise by 3.5% in 2022.

This is before a 3.5%, 2.5%, 2.5%, and 3% rise in prices over the following four years.

Overall, the property company anticipate that Yorkshire homes will see average price growth of 3% per year.

However, this falls behind some other regions and cities.

City 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 Average Growth Per Year
Bradford (Yorkshire regional prediction) 3.5% 3.5% 2.5% 2.5% 3.0% 3.0%
Leeds 5.0% 4.5% 3.0% 4.0% 4.5% 4.2%
Liverpool 5.0% 4.0% 3.0% 3.5% 4.0% 3.9%
Manchester 6.0% 4.5% 4.0% 4.0% 5.0% 4.7%


The North West expects to see a slightly higher 3.3% average growth between 2022 and 2026, while the city of Leeds will see prices rise by 4.2% per year over the same period.

Savills has similar predictions.

They anticipate Yorkshire & Humber and cities like Bradford and Leeds will have the joint-highest regional growth in the UK alongside the North West – 24.3% between 2022 and 2026.

Are House Prices Falling in Yorkshire? 

House prices in Yorkshire fell for the first time in seven months in June 2022, dropping by £862 from £204,835 to £203,973.

However, prices will likely continue to grow in the coming months.

Since January 2022, the average sold price in Yorkshire has grown by £9,017 from £194,956 to £203,973.

And with predictions from Savills anticipating that Yorkshire homes will rise in value by 24.3% between 2022 and 2026, this drop was likely only temporary.

Although, the property website anticipates that the region may see prices drop by -0.5% in 2023, while JLL predict a 3.5% rise in the same year.

As always, it’s almost impossible to accurately predict how house prices will rise in a region.

Will House Prices Drop in 2023 UK? 

According to Savills, UK house prices could drop by 1% in 2023.

However, these findings aren’t shared by other companies.

In fact, JLL anticipates that UK homes will see prices rise by 4.5%.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to accurately predict how house prices will grow or rise in the coming years.

But we can look at recent data to inform our insights.

Since January 2022, the average sold home in the UK increased in value by £12,898 in June 2022.

And the price of homes coming to market increased for seven months straight before falling slightly by 1.3% in August 2022, according to The Guardian.

However, this drop was in-line with summer price trends over the last decade, suggesting there will be a quick recovery in the coming months.

Where Are the Most Expensive Postcodes in Bradford? 

HM Land Registry data shows that Bradford’s most expensive postcode is BD24.

The postcode covers the market town of Settle and contains the villages of Giggleswick and Horton in Ribblesdale, with an average sold price of £295,588.

In second is BD23, seeing sold prices of £280,695 in August 2022.

This postcode contains the market town of Skipton and locations like Gargrave, Kettlewell, and Tosside.

Finishing the top three is BD17, which covers Shipley and Baildon with an average sold price of £247,733.

Postcode Average House Price
BD24 £295,588
BD23 £280,695
BD17 £247,733
BD16 £234,224
BD20 £225,574
BD11 £201,353
BD19 £197,843
BD10 £190,891
BD15 £180,198
BD22 £176,851

 Where Are the Most Affordable Postcodes in Bradford? 

Postcode Average House Price
BD1 £63,906
BD3 £94,404
BD5 £103,777
BD7 £114,666
BD8 £115,027
BD4 £124,434
BD21 £125,951
BD6 £139,743
BD9 £146,402
BD2 £147,557


If you’re looking for cheap houses for sale in Bradford, several postcodes are offering below-average house prices in Bradford, UK.

As of August 2022, Bradford’s cheapest area is the city centre postcode of BD1.

Here, buyers can expect prices of just £63,906, with areas like Little Germany and Goitside found here.

The second cheapest postcode in Bradford is BD3, which contains areas like Barkerend, Bradford Moor, and Thornbury.

You can expect sold prices of £94,404 here.

The third is BD5, which covers Little Horton and has an average price of just £103,777.

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This guide to house prices in Bradford was updated in August 2022.

The data used comes from multiple sources.

Sold house prices were taken from the HM Land Registry UK House Price Index.

Property price predictions were taken from the Savills Residential Property Forecast and the JLL UK Residential Forecasts 2022-2026.

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