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Despite being the UK’s second city with plenty of job opportunities and things to do, Birmingham can be surprisingly affordable depending on where you want to live. From rural locations to the bustling city centre, you may be surprised to find just how cheap some Birmingham homes really are.

But where is the most affordable postcode for first-time buyers in 2022? The most affordable postcode in Birmingham is B18, which features the inner city areas of Winson Green and Hockley. You’ll find average prices of just £147,750 here.

Ever so slightly more expensive than B18 is B19, the second most affordable postcode in the city. B19 spans the inner-city areas of Lozells, Newtown, and Birchfield. Average prices here are still under the £150k mark at just £149,217.

 Finishing the top three is B6, covering the areas of Aston, Birchfield, and Witton. First-time buyers can expect prices of about £150k here.

Postcode Average House Price
B18 £147,750
B19 £149,217
B6 £150,643
B8 £157,186
B9 £158,654
B35 £158,794
B7 £161,611
B10 £163,354
B12 £165,047
B21 £165,391
B66 £166,083
B23 £172,321
B70 £172,885
B11 £175,294
B44 £176,116
B69 £176,773
B33 £181,064
B2 £181,650
B25 £185,234
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Birmingham takes the crown for affordability, and this doesn’t just include house prices either. Although the Midlands city has considerably lower house prices than the capital (over £300,000 less), the cost of living will likely catch your eye.

Cost of living experts Numbeo has estimated that Birmingham’s consumer prices are 23% lower than London’s, with restaurant prices and groceries prices 46% and 34% lower than the capital, respectively.

In fact, the website estimates that London residents would need £5,100 to have the same quality of life as £3,400 in Birmingham.

Although Birmingham’s house prices are drastically more affordable than London’s, it’s important to keep in mind the availability of first-time buyer schemes in the capital. For instance, London’s Help to Buy allows buyers to get 40% of a property’s price as long as it’s £600,000 or below. Meanwhile, Birmingham allows a 20% loan on property worth up to £255,600.

This means if you find a cheaper home in the capital, you could see massive savings compared to Brum.

No city is perfect, and its proximity to other popular places can make living somewhere that much better. Whether you want access to nearby green space, a beach, or employment opportunities, a good location can drastically increase the appeal of a home. 

But where has the better location, Birmingham or London? While this will completely depend on your own preferences, we think London may slightly edge out Birmingham, but this may only be temporary.

London offers an incredibly diverse living experience due to its size and benefits from its proximity to some major cities. Travel one hour by train, and you could be sitting on the beaches of Brighton. Or, if a European escapade is on the cards, the white cliffs of Dover are less than two hours away, providing access to the channel.

Birmingham is no slouch, though. The UK’s second city benefits immensely from its central location, providing easy access to several Northern locations like Sheffield, Leeds, and Manchester. And with HS2 on the horizon, travel times from Birmingham will be greatly reduced, including a sub-hour journey into London.

Like location, London may also have the edge over Birmingham for things to do. From the iconic London Bridge and Buckingham Palace to attending shows at the famed West End, the capital has a diverse scene of sights and things to do.

Research has estimated around 67,000 amenities are in the capital, including football stadia and restaurants – which account for 26% of the UK’s total amenities. London also has a tonne of green spaces, with 3,000 public parks.

But don’t let that convince you Birmingham is boring. From booming cultural attractions at Birmingham museum and Birmingham royal ballet to huge food spots and shopping centres, the city has everything you need from a modern city.

The calendar is dominated by local events, with stunning art galleries, independent shops, and five Michelin-starred restaurants to explore. You can shop at the Bull Ring for the big brands – a shopping centre home to Europe’s biggest Primark.

Birmingham vs London. Where Should You Live?

The UK’s second city vs the capital. Many people assume that London holds a far better living experience than Birmingham, but dig below the surface, and you’ll find that Brum can hold its own.

With affordability, things to do, and employment opportunities three of the biggest pulls, you may be surprised to see just how good Birmingham living can be compared to the capital.

What About Other Locations In The West Midlands?

Of course, you aren’t just confined to Birmingham. The West Midlands is a fantastic place to live, with excellent transport links placing many major cities and towns within commuting distance of the UK’s second city.

So, if you’re looking for cheaper or more upmarket places than Brum but still want to take advantage of the great employment opportunities, then looking at the wider Midlands market could be your best bet.

Here are some West Midlands alternatives to living in the big city: 

  1. Solihull

Average House Price Paid by First Time Buyers: £254,693

Continuously ranking amongst the best places to live in Birmingham, prices in Solihull often come at a premium compared to other Midlands locations.

With the highest property prices you can expect for first time buyers in the West Midlands, house hunters are paying averages of nearly £255k in 2022.

This premium extends to its new builds, with averages reaching £383,415. However, if you’re familiar with Solihull, you’ll know that this shouldn’t be a surprise. The town is incredibly affluent, with fantastic primary and secondary schools providing a huge draw to families.

Pair this with 10 parks worthy of the Green Flag Award and top opportunities at Jaguar Land Rover, and it’s pretty clear why so many locals aspire to the Solihull lifestyle.

  1.   Coventry

Average House Price Paid by First Time Buyers: £191,869

Although Coventry often gets overlooked, the city offers an enticing lifestyle in 2022. With a host of transport links available thanks to its central location, residents are within short journeys of London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

There’s even the nearby Birmingham International Airport to consider, found just 15 minutes away and providing access to over 150 destinations across the globe. Alongside many coveted shopping destinations and strong job opportunities (albeit less than Birmingham), you have a recipe for success in Coventry.

The so-called new build premium is particularly high in Coventry, with an average price tag of £326k – a considerable £120,000 more than the price of existing properties – something to keep in mind as a first-time buyer.

  1.   Wolverhampton

Average House Price Paid by First Time Buyers: £164,688

If you’re looking for the ultimate budget-friendly option in the West Midlands, then Wolverhampton is the region’s most affordable place for first-time buyers.

Home to over 260,000 people, Wolverhampton is best known as the home of Wolverhampton Wanders FC. Average prices for first-time buyers in the city fall at just under £165k.

Although Wolverhampton can’t compete with Birmingham’s employment opportunities and lifestyle, the city is one of the most affordable places in the UK – a real bargain for those looking to get on the market for the first time.

Looking to learn more about Birmingham? Click the following link which takes you through to the Birmingham property. You can also view the best areas to live in Birmingham complete guide updated for 2023.

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